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Residential Cleanings


We understand the situation—you’re busy, the house is too big to clean all at once, and there’s just too much else to do. One week of pushing off cleaning becomes two weeks becomes a month, and in the end, your home continues to become more cluttered.

What sets us apart is our high-level professionalism: Royal Maids are all licensed, bonded, and insured—ensuring a high standard of cleanliness while preserving your peace of mind.

Business Cleanings

 Our company sets the standard for cleanliness and high-quality service.

However, our skills are not limited to houses! Royal Maid Service offers high-quality cleaning to businesses throughout the state. Keeping your business space clean is vital to having an effective, efficient operation—whether you have a single office or multiple suites in a commercial building, professional appearance is as important as professional results.

Moving In/ Moving Out Cleanings

Moving is stressful enough without having to deal with the state of your old or new home. You don’t want to leave a mess for the family who’s moving in, and you definitely don’t want to deal with the mess left behind in your new home. Instead of piling additional stress onto your plate, contact Royal Maid Service!.

One Time Cleanings

Preparing for a holiday party? Looking to host some family from out-of-town? Or are you just looking for a little cleaning help during a busy time of year? Let Royal Maid Service help out. Our professional housekeepers provide one-time cleaning visits to thoroughly and meticulously clean and polish your home from top to bottom.

Royal Maid Service is designed to help homeowners keep their homes clean while retaining some flexibility. One-time visits are a perfect example of our approach. Even if you handle your own cleaning most of the time, there are simply some weeks where you don’t have time.

Vacation Rentals

Own a Vacation Rental?  Let Royal Maid Service take the worry away. Let us clean your property before your next guests arrive.  

Home Inspections

Meant to provide peace of mind and a refreshing clean for home owners who live out of state and wish to make sure their home in Florida stays clean and free of any damage.  Although we cannot guarantee we will not find damage to your home during our home inspection service. We can give you the peace of mind knowing that your home is being checked on a monthly basis.